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    When to hire an auto accident attorney

    Personal injuries and financial losses are the aftermaths of car accidents and insurance companies often bear the cost. Car accident lawyers are as vital as insurance companies in helping you get proper compensation for damages.

    However, to save cost, some individuals skip hiring an attorney, choosing instead to file legal claims against the insurance company themselves. On other occasions, some are unable to determine when it is advisable or necessary to hire an accident attorney.

    So how does an individual know when to hire a car accident attorney;

    Car Accident Injuries

    Personal injuries sustained could be minor or severe, long-term or permanent which can adversely affect your ability to gain and even remain employed. An attorney helps prove facts about the severity of injuries sustained and the cost of medical bills incurred and if need be the estimated cost of future medical procedures.

    Disputed Liability

    An insurance company may disagree with its policyholder’s liability for the car accident, technically claiming that the policyholder bears no fault, therefore, the insurance company is not obligated to pay for damages. An accident attorney makes available, proof showing that policyholder was at fault.

    Declination of payment

    This could be as a result of disputed liability or refusal to make an equitable settlement offer or any offer at all by the insurance company.

    Evaluation of claims

    An accident attorney helps you evaluate your claims so that you are adequately compensated.

    Negotiation of settlement

    An attorney can help you cut a deal with the insurance company that is worth your claim and also insist on satisfactory terms of payment.

    Expert investigation

    When the circumstances surrounding the car crash are complicated and may require adept investigation, an experienced attorney provides relevant evidence to back your claims including medical report and bills, police report and witness statement.

    Other times when an accident attorney is advisable includes when it is taking longer than necessary to settle your claim. An attorney helps you with details regarding the statute of limitations obtainable in your state and if need be, help you serve the at-fault driver with a lawsuit and prepare your case for trial in the law court. As regards the statute of limitations obtainable in your state.

    When the other party to the accident files a lawsuit against you, an accident attorney defends your claims in court.

    Also, when the injured party is a minor and sustains severe injuries, an accident attorney is advised.

    Ente Personal Injury Lawyers are professionals and are conversant with applicable laws and procedural rulings which are invaluable especially when dealing with large insurance companies with immense experience and resources. We serve as advocates, acting in your best interest throughout the negotiation process with the insurance company and even in court.